Sports Massage

I can’t speak more highly of Chris James. I have not had a pain free exercise session in 12 months until this week! One sports massage focused on my dodgy knee and arm has worked wonders. I am going back next week to work on my flexibility and build on my return to pain free running. Thanks!

Graeme Gallie

I’ve been suffering from plantar fasciitis for 6 months and have been to a podiatrist and a Physio. Physio said rest. Podiatrist said to keep exercising. Decided to try massage therapy and wow. This has made a huge difference. Feel so much better and now have a better understanding of what’s going on with my foot and continuing up my leg. CJ had a really excellent manner and understanding of what needed to be done. Fab! Would thoroughly recommend even just to get rid of those underlying knots in an old runners legs.

Lynn Stewart

Excellent service highly recommend I have a horse ridding injury and I have been in pain and restricted movements for three years. Been to physio done everything asked of me nothing has helped received sports massage from Chris and oh my what a difference it has made reduced pain, increased movements in my ankle much better at walking and in very little pain. So glad I decided to give it a try! Chris is very professional knows how to put your mind at ease and answers any questions. Will be continuing to book sports massages as it has improved my quality of life as I’m in less pain able to do more.

Lesleyann Mitchinson O’Donnell

Personal Training

I approached CJ for personal training to improve both my fitness and the way I use the gym. CJ asked what I wanted to get out of the gym and my overall fitness goal. He took me through some of the machines and exercises to see what I was comfortable with before locking in the best use of my limited time. While at the start I was a little doubtful of the effectiveness of it I was very surprised that in a few weeks I was leg pressing at least 180Kg comfortably where before my best was probably 110Kg. I found I could do more push ups and more arm curls with heavier weights. CJ was helpful and persistent in making sure I got the most out of the course and my time. He was more than willing to do the exercises with me to show that he wasn’t asking too much of me.

Martin Heslop

Christopher James is an excellent instructor. Full of enthusiasm and knowledge which makes training a pleasure. Works very hard and closely with clients

Tania Duffy

Christopher James is passionate about fitness. He is a motivated instructor and coach. His knowledge really comes across as he works with clients to ensure proper technique is learned. With a hands on approach, he is not one to sit back and watch the clients from the sidelines.

Alicia McCrae

Very passionate about fitness and wanting people to achieve their goals, such a great guy with loads of good knowledge! Would highly recommend Christopher!!

Calvin O’Brian