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Success Story

A Success Story

Good Evening All!!!
I haven’t posted on my page in some time. But I’ve just recently graduated as a Physio. In my time studying I have realised that Physiotherapy for me is broken down into two parts… Physio – (the bodies physiological response) to Therapy – (treatment). Now that I’m fully qualified its now my job to bridge the gaps between appropriate therapy input and how it’s delivered to patient care as I develop the Saint James Clinic from being a Sports Therapy service to a Physiotherapy one in Glasgow Town. Now that this is the future of my practice, I need to acknowledge that the journey has been a difficult and challenging one with good and bad points throughout the following courses…
2 Years Sports Therapy HND at City of Glasgow College.
2 Years Sports and Exercise Science BSc at University of the West of Scotland.
2 Years of Physiotherapy MSc at Queen Margaret University.
So, I’d just like to take this opportunity to say…
Thank you to all the staff at City College, UWS and QMU, with special acknowledgement for Prateek who was my Personal Academic Tutor at QMU, without your support, patience and guidance I wouldn’t have made it to being a Physio. Also thank you to Paul, head of faculty for Sports Therapy at City College who said that my clinical assessment of Sports Injuries was the best he’d seen in 20 years.
I also want to say thank you to all my patients, even to the ones that have left me a grim review over the years, I just want to apologise for any treatments that were poorly received, however without my patients (the good and bad ones) I can’t drive the Saint James Clinic forward towards clinical excellence and hone my skills to deliver a better therapeutic service, my patients mean everything to me, Thank You ALL!!! Furthermore, special gratitude is reserved for…
Who have supported me and that I have become close friends with through the years since the Saint James Clinic was established in October 2017. Also, a special thanks is reserved for…
Who I have made a special bond with as a therapist and as a friend… Party On!!!
Chris James.

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